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Tales of Calopa: Tuning the Orchestra - the newest novella in the Tales of Calopa series is available now! Read more...

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ill titleWelcome!

Welcome to the shiny new home for the work of Xero Reynolds. You can find plenty of information on his books, art and design, music, and even delve deeper into the many facets of his world-building.

ill_1"A well developed story that will grab your attention from page one and fly you all the way to the end." Check out book one of The Archetype Trilogy, The Rhyme of the Golden Aegis!


ill titleCodex Calopa

Introducing the Codex Calopa- an information resource for fans and new readers of both The Archetype Trilogy, and Tales of Calopa. Here you'll find maps, timelines of events, character bios, and more concerning the steampunk/fantasy world introduced in "The Rhyme of the Golden Aegis"!